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Vet Home Visit London

Vet Home Visit London

We are Invite a Vet Ltd. A London based veterinary medical services team.

An increasing number of companies are allowing their employees to bring their pets to the work place, as studies suggest this may reduce employee stress levels and increase productivity.

Vet home visits London are ideal for cats, rabbits, and other smaller pets, as well as for sensitive dogs.

Think about the experience from the point of view of your pet -for a typical visit to a veterinary clinic, there is the stress of being loaded into a carrier and transported to an unfamiliar place

There are the smells and sounds of other animals in the waiting room, We visit you at your home or office and discuss any concerns you have and examine your pet.

Treatment options will then be discussed and we will answer all of your questions. Treatment option will be tailored based on you and your pet's personality and lifestyle needs.

Vet home visits London This visit usually last up to 40 minutes. We see dogs, cats, rabbits and smaller pets such as ferrets, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

A regular planned visit is a great way to help pets with long term illness. For example, pets with diabetes, hormonal disease (such as Cushing's syndrome or Addison's syndrome, thyroid disease), heart disease, kidney disease, chronic inflammatory bowel disease or immune system-related disease are all likely to need life long medication and regular check-ups.

Our promise to you is simple -whatever concern you have for your pet, we will listen to you carefully and take it seriously.

Vet home visits London we are friendly and gentle with animals and we will give your pet enough time to get to know us during our visit. We pride ourselves in providing veterinary medical services tailored to your circumstances.

If you conclude that it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet, then home is typically the most peaceful place to say that final goodbye.

At home, your friends and family members can gather to give you emotional support and your pet can be as comfortable as possible without going through the process of being transported in a car or via public transport to an unfamiliar place.

Many owners experience a tremendous feeling of loss and sadness after their pet has passed away.

Preparing yourself for the final goodbye and feeling at peace with your decision can help you cope and also helps your pet as they can sense clearly when you are stressed, sad or anxious.

Vet Home Visit London

Vet Home Visit London

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